2017 Autumn Canton Fair Booth 13.0 C 24-25

Autumn 2017 Canton Fair.

We have attended the canton Fair for over 10 years inside the pavillion.

Before the 2017 Spring, Canton fair we decided to try an experiment to exhibit our Electric Cargo Scooters.

We found over the years the booth is usually very crowded.

Furthermore, it did not give us a good opportunity to interact with current and potential customers.

So we decided to have a booth in the 12.1 pavilion and one outside in 13.0.

This was to see which method was better, the response we got from customers was, that they thought the outside venue was more relaxed and it was easier and for them to test the Electric delivery scooters rather than just sitting on them and imagining the performance.



So we were going to continue to have two booths, for the Autumn fair. However our staff felt during the Sprin fair, they did not get a chance to interact professionally with customers while they were running between booths.

So for the 2017 Autumn Canton Fair we have decided to just use the outside booth 13.0 C24-25 (at the back of the 12.1 and up the escalators).

We want to be able to allow the customers to test the Electric Delivery scooters also see the latest technology first hand.

We will be able to demonstrate the advances made with the Electric delivery scooters in 2017 and discuss our 2018 line up of delivery Scooters and accessories.

If you are coming to the Canton Fair please call in, say hello and see why EcoKargo is one of the top 10 Global factories for Electric Delivery scooters.

Because the Canton Fair exhibition area is 5,000,000 sq ft, if you have trouble finding us or have any questions please contact us at https://ecokargo.com.