EcoKargo Electric Cargo Delivery Scooters  Canton Fair

EcoKargo Electric Cargo Delivery Scooters at Autumn Canton Fair in Guangzhou.

Attending  the Autumn exhibition in Guangzhou, which is held twice a year, we are happy to participate at this Exhibition because it draws people from all over the world.

It was good to be meet all our customers again, while it was also a chance to meet many new customers and discuss their Electric Delivery scooter needs.

While the weather was not very good during the fair so it did not give them an opportunity to be able to test the electric cargo delivery scooter while the fair was in progress. 

The booth for EcoKargo Electric Cargo Delivery Scooters at Canton Fair was well recieved with many customers telling us although it was a bit crowded they could still get a good idea of the technology and finish of the scooters..  

As usual the EcoKargo Electric cargo scooter factory staff were kept busy all through the Exhibition with pople coming to Guangzhou from many countries and different markets.

With the continued interest in the Electric delivery scooter market, we are confident the market will keep growing.

One of the most popular models was the Electric pizza delivery scooter with the special heated rear case and well balanced frame.

During the Autumn Canton Fair exhibition many of the people who visited EcoKargo Electric Cargo Delivery Scooters booth were impressed by the advancedment of the Electric delivery scooter technology on the electric cargo scooters at the Exhbition.

Every year there is a host of new features to save money and make delivery the delivery taks easier.  



The recent improvement of the new cell technology and the ADTech BMS system in the removeable lithium batteries were disscussed.

Also of great interest was the electrinic speedometers because Many people have had problems with the previous mechanical versions.

Customer have seen a lot of innovation over theplast several years with the Electric cargo delivery scooters.

Many exisitng and prospective customers visited the EcoKargo electric cargo delivery scooter factory both before and after the Canton Fair to see the new and  advanced facilities that have been added.  

EcoKargo Electric Delivery Scooters at Autumn Canton Fair Exhibition interacting with our customers.