Ecokargo electric delivery scooter factory.

Ecokargo electric delivery scooter the formation years.

Ecokargo electric delivery scooter now has years of being the leading 2 wheel Electric Scooter Bike Manufacturer, but there were some struggles to get this experience.
As part of the Ecobest Group Ecokargo electric delivery scooter. factory recognized there is a fundamental difference between personal transport and Commercial applications.

Electric delivery scooters  need a different manufacturing Process with high grade components  like the battery and diagnostic requirements.

Initially Ecobest group invested millions of dollars redesigning what was fundamentally gasoline delivery scooter system. This was a failure due to the balance of the electric cargo scooter weight from the batteries. After many critical meetings discussing the problems with the converted models it was decided to refine this process with the reconfiguration of the entire units.


focus on Ecokargo electric delivery scooter.

In 2016 there was a complete restructure of the Group, To ensure long term success of electric delivery scooters EcoKargo electric delivery scooter division was formed to focus entirely on Electric Cargo Delivery scooters.

While most of EcoKargo’s competitors are start up’s or just beginning, Ecokargo electric delivery scooter factory has several advantages, with completely new models developed exclusively for Electric Delivery scooters.

Interaction with customers of electric scooters over several years ensures EcoKargo electric cargo delivery scooter factory understands the type of wear and tear and other problems that come from using Electric cargo delivery scooters constantly.

Years of experience designing and refining electric delivery scooter technology each EcoKargo’s models have been completely designed from the tires up for commercial use.  To add to the experience with Ecokargo electric Delivery scooters it was decided to give customer access to options built for electric delivery scooters.

This includes complete customization of the models to fit the usage local requirements and specifications. With a range of options from minor changes of existing models to a full design and prototype of potential customers designs are available.

Ecokargo electric delivery scooter Advantages

  • Robust Balanced Frame (With 5 Years Warranty.)
  • Powerful Motor, With Some Inbuilt Redundancy.
  • Configurable Controller With Settings To Increase Power And Save Battery.
  • Digital Speedometer For Accurate Information.
  • Reverse For Assistance With Vehicles Carrying A Load.
  • GPS Tracking System, To Enable Efficient Allocation Of Resources.

After Sales service includes Spare Parts packaged for resale, also specialized equipment for monitoring and testing parts of the electric vehicles. 

Complete GPS navigation device fitted to electric pizza delivery scooters to assist companies that require a complete system. This includes fitting the tracker as standard and the system can be customized to meet the requirements of the business.

Although the Quality of the vehicles are guaranteed by EcoKargo electric cargo delivery scooter factory some customer require independent checking and testing before shipping. EcoKargo can assist with recommended qualified independent Quality testing for a fee to the customer.

After sales service training for Dealers and mechanics is also available for customers by video or by PDF instructions.

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Ecokargo electric delivery scooter designed to deliver, this is more than a slogan it is a fact. Built specifically for reliable Electric delivery transport.