Electric Cargo Delivery Scooter Factory, Ecokargo 

Electric cargo delivery scooter factory EcoKargo has been approved for manufacturing international standard electric delivery scooters and was officially opened in 2015. With ISO  accreditation and the latest testing and quality assurance systems, EcoKargo electric delivery scooter factory installed the most up to date Research and Development equipment with the modern production line and Packing line is capable of manufacturing 100,000 units per year.

Strict step by step production line monitoring with the latest testing equipment for electric components ensure all products are manufactured to the strictest quality control. A full Quality Assurance work flow guidelines to international standard safety regulations are followed by all the staff while manufacturing the EcoKargo Cargo Delivery scooters.

EcoKargo Electric Delivery Scooter Research and Development

Electric cargo scooter technology is in rapid development. Ecokargo electric delivery scooter factory has a world class R&D center that is essential for the continual upgrade of Electric delivery Scooters with the latest digital technology.

The EcoKargo Electric cargo delivery Scooter Factory’s R&D Engineers are constantly interacting with Universities and research centers for new technology. All EcoKargo Electric Cargo Delivery scooter factory staff must spend a proportion of their time, training and development their skills.

EcoKargo utilizes the Group ADTech laboratories with many patents for controller and battery managementof Electric Scooter Models.

All EcoKargo Electric cargo Scooter components are batch tested before production to ensure it meets the strict EcoKargo Factory quality control. The company is one of the few electric cargo scooter manufacturers that tests every Lithium battery to ensure it is the correct specification and meets the intended use.

EcoKargo Electric Delivery Scooter factory Electric Parts

Electric delivery scooters rely on components produced to the correct specification. Main cables are a constant source of cost saving in the industry to the detriment of the units being produced. It is essential cables have the correct gauge wire to ensure the voltage is not lost in between the components. EcoKargo produces all the main cables in house to ensure the quality is maintained, we also use silicon sealed connectors to ensure moisture does not prevent long term use of the vehicle..

Lithium batteries is some cases make up half of the cost of an Electric Delivery vehicles, EcoKargo electric delivery scooter factory test every battery to ensure the cells meet the specification of the customer. This requires equipment not found in most manufacturers.

EcoKargo Electric Delivery Scooter, Quality Checking and Packing.

EcoKargo’s Electric Cargo delivery scooter factory, ensures every unit manufactured are tested one by one. This will identify if all the components work as specified. EcoKargo extends an open invitation for customers or their representatives to have independent Quality Assurance inspections if required.

As the electric delivery scooters need to be exported overseas packing is critical.  This is to ensure the loading, shipping and unloading process is convenient and the electric delivery scooters arrive in top condition. EcoKargo can pack the vehicles in Metal frame, or with cardboard or if required. It is also possible to use full Cardboard packing.

EcoKargo offers a full service to print shipping marks and logos are for all goods. For larger orders this service is complementry.

The modern packing line is capable ensures the goods are packed securely and can meet all the customer requirements

EcoKargo Extends An Open Invitation To Inspect The World Class Facilities And Test The Units In Person.

ElectricS Delivery Scooter Factory Ecokargo offers great value for companies or customer high grade delivery option with low running costs.