EcoKargo Electric Cargo Scooter

Upgraded Series 2  Latest Technology.

The Express Deluxe Electric Cargo Scooter is our economical  electric delivery scooter, that is purpose built for delivering all types of cargo therefore is has a special balanced cargo frame.

Furthermore it is designed for customer that require a quality lower cost electric cargo scooter and shorter range requirement. Since many small businesses and operators are cost sensitive this is especially relevant.

Due to the Design of the EcoKargo Express electric cargo scooters being different from conventional passenger electric Scooters they are designed to distribute the weight over and between the 2 wheels.

Express series 2 has greater stability as a result of  placing the front carrying basket over the front wheel and ensuring the rear carrier is directly over the rear wheel. Most noteworthy is the weight of the rider and the batteries is placed between the two wheels ensuring greater maneuverability.

Deluxe Electric Cargo Scooter

Efficient Battery
Cost effective Battery
Disc Brakes
Disc Brakes
Efficient Battery
Powerful Hub Motor
Support available
Factory Support

Latest electric scooter Technology.

Express Deluxe Electric Cargo delivery scooter uses a 60 Volt fixed Silicon battery system. As a result the silicon battery provides a cost advantage, yet the 20 amp hour battery ensure medium range capabilities. In addition the 2,500 watt brush less motor gives strong climbing ability and good acceleration. The Express Deluxe Electric Cargo scooter can be fitted with optional reverse to assist with the weight if the Electric delivery scooter has a full load.

The flat floor makes it easy to get on and off, essential if you are getting on and off many times per day. Fitting an optional box this Cargo scooter can also be used as a electric Pizza delivery scooter.

Electric cargo Scooter Features


  • 60 Volt 20 amp hour  Silicon Battery.
  • 2500 Watt Hub motor
  • Heavy Duty Shock absorbers
  • -Digital Speedometer (optional)
  • -Battery Management system (optional)
  • -Double Side Stand (Rear & Single only)
  • -Digital Diagnostics. (optional)
  • -Standard Reverse (optional only)
  • -GPS Tracking System (optional only)
  • -Service Interval Tracking
Express series 2 Specification.
Battery Size60 Volt 20AH
Battery TypeSilicon cells
Number Batteries5
Battery MethodIn frame model
Charge Time80% 2 hours 100% 6-7 Hours
Motor TypeBrushless
Power2500 watt
Additional OptionNill
Frame typeHigh Grade Steel
SpeedRated 45km/h/30 mp/h
Range 50km / 35 miles.
Front BrakeDisc.
Rear BrakeDisc
Front and Rear10 inch / 10 inch
StandsSide Stand, Center stand.
SeatSingle Opening seat.
ThrottleHand operated
Head LightYes
Rear CarrierYes
Front BasketYes

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EcoKargo Electric Cargo Scooter is great value for companies or customer seeking a low cost solution for delivering and moving Cargo.