Electric Delivery Scooter Heavy Duty

Upgraded Series 2  Latest Technology.

The Express Electric Delivery  Scooter from Ecokargo electric cargo scooter factory is our  electric postal and heavy duty electric delivery scooter. It is purpose built for being on the road for multiple trips. It has multiple choices of Lithium battery sizes and is fitted with the patented ADTech BPS system.

In addition to a special balanced cargo frame, furthermore it is designed for customer that require a removabale battery scooter to extend the range. Since many businesses and operators need the ability to keep their Electric Delivery Scooters on the road delivering their customers requirements.

The EcoKargo Express, electric scooter can have a heavy duty front rack fitted along with higher grade shock absorbers.  The advantage of having the rear carrier is directly over the rear wheel the heavy duty electric delivery Scooter ensures it is built for the heaviest loads.

The addition  of the optional 72 volt 60 ah removable battery to ensure suitability for higher speeds also guarantees an extended range. With the integrated technology this model is the first choice of  fleet management also Government and corporate customers.


Electric Delivery Scooter

Efficient Battery
Premium Lithium Battery
Disc Brakes
Front & Rear Disc Brakes
Efficient Battery
Powerful Hub Motor
Support available
Factory Support

Latest electric scooter Technology.


The GPS tracking system is factory fitted with the solution tailored to the individual businesses. After sales service equipment and training options are also available to EcoKargo Express Series 2 Postal Delivery Scooter customers

Express Electric Delivery  Scooter uses a 3000 watt brush less motor is fitted with a double hall motor ensuring some built in redundancy. As a result it can be repaired if necessary without removing the motor.  In addition the latetest technology motor gives strong climbing ability and good acceleration. The Electric Delivery  Scooter can be fitted is fitted with reverse to assist with the weight if the Electric cargo scooter has a full load.

If you are getting on and off many times per day, the flat floor makes this Electric Cargo Scooter easy to use.

Postal Delivery Scooter Features

  • 60 Volt 20 amp hour  Silicon Battery.
  • 2500 Watt Hub motor
  • Heavy Duty Shock absorbers
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Battery Management system
  • Double Side Stand 
  • Digital Diagnostics.
  • Standard Reverse 
  • GPS Tracking System (optional)
  • Service Interval Tracking
Battery Size60 Volt 40AH
Optional Size72 Volt 60AH
Battery TypeLithium 18650 cells
Number Batteries1
Charge Time80% 2 hours 100% 6-7 Hours
Motor TypeBrushless
Power3000 watt optional 5000 watt.
Additional OptionConfigurable, diagnostics.
Frame typeHigh Grade Steel
SpeedRated 45km/h/30 mp/h
Optional 80km/h / 50mph
Range 100km / 60 miles.
120km/ 80 miles
Front BrakeDisc.
Rear BrakeDisc
Front and Rear13 inch / 13 inch
Stands2 X Side Stand, Center stand.
SeatSingle Opening seat.
ThrottleHand operated
Head LightYes
Rear CarrierYes
Bluetooth DiagnosticsStandard
GPS TrackingStandard
High Speed Optional

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Electric Delivery Scooter from EcoKargo is great value for corporate customers or government departments needing a balanced heavy duty option.