electric delivery scooter technology Advantage.

Electric delivery scooter technology at the EcoKargo factory is a core advantage. Spending several years refining and perfecting Electric delivery scooter Battery, Controller, Motor, cable and speedometer technology. The Ecokargo Factory has used the core electric delivery scooter technology over several years and on thousands of units.

The recent development of the electric cargo delivery scooter, has been towards interactive diagnostics and configuration. This electric delivery scooter technology keeps the users fully informed of the status of the all the components. Ecokargo’s digital systems links the controller and battery management systems, using the latest SOC (state of charge) system. This has not only assisted with accurate range but increased awareness and better problem solving internally on the electric delivery scooter.

Ecokargo electric delivery scooter technology  advancements with both USB and Bluetooth connections with the development to ensure operators and dealers can now update systems usegreater accuracy fault diagnosis. The new systems allow for better configuration of the electric cargo delivery scooters units according to the terrain and use.

EcoKargo Electric delivery scooter technology, battery and controller system.

EcoKargo electric delivery scooter technology utilizes the Group’s  ADTECH  laboratories with the numerous patents for controller and battery management.

EcoKargo’s electric delivery scooter batteries have been upgraded to include the new range with 18650 cells from Samsung, Panasonic the same as used in by BMW and TESLA. Combined with ADTech BMS (battery management System) the  range and battery life have been extended by more than 30%-40% over the past few years.

ADTech controllers are setting the industry standard for electric cargo delivery scooter efficient use of battery. The controllers are able to be set to the terrain, conditions and ability of the rider.  The new 2017 release huse SOC (state of Charge) communications so controllers are matched to give real time information about the battery state and the range available. 

EcoKargo Electric Delivery Scooter, Cables and Motor.

Electric vehicles rely on components produced to the correct specification. Not every company has the same standard of Electric delivery scooter technology, unfortunately main cables are a constant source of cost saving in the industry to the detriment of the units being produced.

It is essential electric cargo delivery scooter cables have the correct gauge wire to ensure the voltage is not lost in between the components. EcoKargo produces all the main cables in house to ensure the quality is maintained. In addition we use silicon sealed connectors to ensure moisture does not prevent long term use of the electric system of the scooter.

EcoKargo electric delivery scooter technology is specifically designed for commercial use motors which have built in redundancy by using a double hall system.  This electric cargo scooter technology is crucial because the hall is the biggest reason for motor failure in electric delivery scooters.

EcoKargo electric pizza delivery scooters have also been built with an additional hall system, should the firsts hall system fail it is possible to use the second system without having to disassemble the motor.

EcoKargo electric delivery scooter technology, additional options.

EcoKargo’s customers cover all types of businesses.  Reliable transport with accurate information for range and diagnostics is the essential attribute of using commercial electric delivery scooters.

EcoKargo technology for extends the electric pizza delivery scooter solution by offering to customers by fitting GPS tracking. This can also be fitted to our postal delivery fleet models.

EcoKargo is able to fit the trackers at the time of manufacturing to ensure it is correctly matched to the rest of the system and supply the customers with the electric delivery scooter management system.

Bluetooth and USB connectable technology, ensure vehicles can be monitored for problems and also altered to ensure the maximum performance based on terrain and usage. While some of these systems are still in Beta EcoKargo is at the forefront of this development..

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Electric Delivery Scooter technology from Ecokargo ensures companies or customer have the most efficient Electric delivery scooter options.