Lithium Battery electric delivery scooter models:

Lithium battery electric delivery scooters have not suffered as much negative publicity because they have been specifically manufactured  for the developed markets who can afford to pay a premium for longer life batteries.

Most people associate Lithium batteries with higher quality overall, however the high cost of the battery means that the batteries for electric scooters  has not effectively reached the mainstream transport market in the same way as gasoline scooters.

Lithium electric delivery scooter batteryThe differences, with the Lithium electric delivery Scooters is now mainly in the Battery, because the cost is higher, it means the overall specification of the electric scooter is generally higher.

The advantage of the lighter weight of the Lithium battery in Electric delivery scooters, now there is a chance for business to use hot swap technique. This is where a low charged battery can be changed to a fully charged battery and charged outside the electric delivery scooter.

Removable Lithium batteries also allow people living in high rise to be able to take the battery to the charger rather than charger to the electric scooter.

Lithium battery  technology improves the efficiency  the battery technology also the reduced size allows larger capacity batteries to be used. This improvement means larger motors and controllers are able to be fitted.

Current development of the lithium batteries by Ecokargo Electric delivery scooter factory  is focused on rapid charge technology. This allows a battery can be charged in around 20 minutes, however the cost of this technology is still limiting the customer base willing to invest in upgraded technology.

EcoKargo electric cargo delivery scooter factory recommendation:

EcoKargo Electric cargo delivery scooter factory manufactures a single lithium battery system with optional ADTech BPS system.

Lithium battery technology

This system ensures the lithium battery charges the lowest cell first and uses the highest charged cell first. EcoKargo Electric cargo delivery scooter factory uses 60 volt removable battery for 25km/h and 45km/h models and 72 volt removable battery for higher speeds.

The single lithium battery can be controlled more easily than a two-battery system where sometimes the second battery is not charged evenly with the first one. The exception is on the Extended range Electric cargo delivery scooter where an additional battery is fitted  as a reserve battery.

EcoKargo Electric cargo delivery scooter factory generally recommends the batteries are lithium for weight advantage and between 40ah and 60ah to ensure an adequate range.

Lithium battery technology is improving constantly and EcoKargo will be at the forefront of the improvements.